About Rivky’s Music Classes

“Music with Rivky” is a unique cultural and musical experience that, through the use of all types of songs, provides children with powerful cultural, musical and developmental enrichment. The classes are very interactive and facilitate participation by children at all stages of development. We cover both Jewish related units such as Shabbat and holidays, as well as all basic preschool units (safety, colors, numbers, shapes…) through movement, songs, instruments, visuals, hands-on and much more! Classes are led by a multi-lingual speaker accompanied by keyboard. Children are exposed to some basic Hebrew words through song, as well. Mothers are encouraged to participate. Nannies and grandmothers are also welcome! All classes are mixed in age to foster learning and development.

Classes are for children ages 0-5 and are typically broken up into two parts, with a short break in between for the kids to enjoy self-led interactions with their new friends, as well as a kosher snack, which will be provided. If you would like more details about the class structure or content, see the FAQs below or feel free to contact Rivky by clicking here or e-mailing her at rivky@musicwithrivky.com.

FAQs About Our Classes

  • What makes “Music with Rivky” unique?
    "Music with Rivky" is the only Jewish Mommy & Me Music and Movement class in the area and has been enjoyed by hundreds of young families with children over the years. At "Music with Rivky" we focus on both Jewish related themes, as well as standard preschool themes, all through movement, songs, instruments, visuals, hands-on and much more! Children are also exposed to some basic Hebrew words through song.
  • How long are the classes?
    Classes are typically 45 minutes long, in which we cover two themes, with a short break in between for children to enjoy self-led interactions with their new friends, as well as a kosher snack, which is provided. Classes include singing, dancing, movement and playing with a wide variety of props and instruments, such as shakers, drums, bells, maracas and more! You will receive a song sheet to help you learn the new songs and follow along.
  • Should I expect my child to sing, dance and fully participate in class?
    No. Research has shown that most children will absorb music simply by attending the class. They will often not actively participate in class, but sing the songs and “make music” at home at a later point. They will also develop an appreciation for music, simply by being exposed to live “community music making”.
  • Is my baby too young to attend?
    No. No child is ever too young to be exposed to music. We have had many infants who joined my music class at 2 months of age or even younger! While they would obviously not understand the same things a 3-year old would, they would each get a tremendous amount out of it, each on their own level. Infants will first learn to move to the rhythm of the music, then learn to make their own musical sounds. When they become toddlers and preschoolers, they have the advantage of being comfortable in a familiar music environment.
    It is amazing to watch infants develop musically as they continue with us, session after session. The early months of life are a wonderful time to expose your child to the world of music.
  • Why mixed ages in your classes?
    I have experimented with separating ages when I first started these music classes. What I found was that there was truly no benefit in doing so. On the contrary, children learn from one another in a mixed age setting. The younger children learn from the older ones and try to emulate them. The older children can become helpers and act as role models to the younger ones. Moms are also more relaxed, not being pre-occupied with comparing their child with children of the same age group.
  • Would you discourage a wandering toddler from joining the class?
    Absolutely not! Wandering and exploring is very normal for toddlers. As they get older, I will try to guide them in being a regular part of the circle. However, the occasional wandering is natural even for a 2 year old.
    I never expect perfection when it comes to young children. All I would ask is for moms to keep an eye on her child/ren, so that the class can run smoothly.
  • What if my child is shy?
    We welcome all children- shy and outgoing, quiet and “bouncy” alike. It’s this lovely mix that makes for a unique and diverse music experience.
  • Illness
    PLEASE be considerate of others. Please do not come to class if either you or your child has any symptoms of illness and/or fever. Fevers must be gone for at least 24 hours prior to resuming music class. We often have very young babies in the group; it wouldn't be fair to cause the spread of germs.
  • I am a working mom. Can anyone else bring my child to music class?
    Absolutely. Grandmothers, sitters and adult caregivers are always welcome.
  • Can one mom bring 2 children?
    Yes. We have many moms and nannies come with multiple children.
  • Can I bring an older sibling along occasionally?
    If your older child is off from school and you are not able to make other arrangements for him or her, please contact me and I will make every effort to accommodate you.
  • I bring my toddler to your class and we just welcomed a new addition to our family. Can I bring the non-participating newborn along?
    That should be no problem, as long as I am notified of this ahead of time.
  • What happens if you have to cancel a class unexpectedly?
    If I ever have to miss a class due to illness, child illness or other unexpected reason, I generally try to make up the class at the end of the session, which would mean one additional class a week from the last one. Keep that date available on the calendar. If a make-up class is not possible, I will give you credit to be used towards a future class or reimburse you for the missed class.
  • Can I drop in and randomly join a class?
    For consistency reasons, we have people sign up for the full series of classes, not just one class. That said, if you’re visiting the area or have any other reason for wanting to join a class one week, please contact me and I will make all effort to accommodate you, as long as space is available. I also offer a trial class for anyone new to the program.
  • You serve child-friendly snacks. Is snack time limited to the short break or can children enjoy them throughout the class?
    While I prefer for the children to enjoy the snacks during our short break time (halfway through the class) or before or after class, I do understand that kids are kids. If you feel your child/ren will cooperate better with a snack, definitely feel free to give it to them during class in a quiet manner.
    I serve Kosher and child-friendly snacks such as Cheerios, Puffs, pretzels and the like. Feel free to bring your child’s favorite bottle or sippy cup.
  • From the beautiful gallery, I can see you like photography.
    That is correct! Music and photography are my favorite hobbies. And so, I enjoy capturing special moments and especially those of moms and children enjoying an awesome music experience:)
    The Photo Gallery will be updated periodically. Enjoy the smiles:)

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